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A Thing About True Kinship

is it's welcoming!

True kinship with animals is many things and one of them is it’s welcoming! Where ever you are on your journey with animals, you'll discover something more with true kinship. Maybe it's when you first recognize an animal's agency, maybe it's discovering you and the animal family member(s) work together with reciprocity, maybe it's grasping you're not the 'owner' and they're not the 'pet'.

One way to live true kinship with animals is to become a Kindred member. Kindred is an online community specifically dedicated to true kinship with animals. It’s for folx caught between how society treats animals (as animals) and how you treat them (as kin).

If you have questions, would like to discover how Kindred can transform your relationship with animals, leave a comment, contact me or check out my website.

Janet Roper

… an animist, podcaster, intuitive practitioner and mentor identifing as she/her/hers currently living on Salish land in Montana.

For 30+ years Janet has facilitated clear conversations between animals and people. In her work she encourages people to expand their bond with animals by disengaging with hierarchical approaches and relating in true kinship.

She is cheerfully owned and managed by one cat, Raven, a multitude of angel animals and several houseplants.

“We all do better when ALL creatures do better.”

The more subscribers in this space, the more expansive and effective this work becomes.  Consider becoming a paid or free subscriber.

Janet Roper's Substack
Janet Roper's Substack
Janet Roper